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What's the content of one Majextand M package?

There will be one Majextand M and one adhesive docking sheet in each package.

What’s Majextand M made from?

Majextand M is made of stainless steel (SUS#301/304/420).

What are the Majextand M’s dimensions? What mobile device sizes can be used with Majextand M?

Width: 63.5 mm / 2.5 inches Length: 105 mm / 4.1 inches Height: 2.5 mm / 0.1 inches Majextand M can lift up any mobile device lighter than 450g which screen size is between 4.7” and 10”.

What kind of device’s case or surface material can the adhesive docking sheet be applied to ?

The Majextand M adhesive docking sheet can be applied to hard materials and flat surfaces like glass, metal, PC,… . When applied it to curved, uneven textured surfaces or soft materials like silicone, leather or rubber phone cases, its stickiness may weaken a bit.

What are Majextand M’s advantages ? How many positions can it assume?

Majextand M is designed to provide appropriate angles and heights for different situations. Its maximum angle is 90 degrees and the highest height is 12 cm, which is the same as an iMac screen. It can help you to avoid hunching over while using mobile devices.

Is Majextand M rustproof?

Yes, it is rustproof. Majextand M was made of stainless steel 301, 304 and 420; therefore, it won’t rust under normal circumstances. However, please avoid its contact with high salt or high acid-based substances.

Where was it designed and where will it be manufactured?

Majextand M was designed and will be made in Taiwan.

Will Majextand M have a warranty?

Majextand M is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year, from the date of original retail purchase,and when used in accordance with Majextand M’s user manual.

Can Majextand M be used properly in an extreme environment?

It's been tested with the temperature -4°F - 176°F ( -20°C - 80°C ) thermal shock testing, which means you can use it in an extreme environment without worry.

Can Majextand M be used on the Nintendo-Switch? Would it impact the Nintendo-Switch dock's function?

Yes, it can be used on a Nintendo-Switch and won’t affect its wireless connection. In addition, Nintendo-Switch is still functional in its original dock, even when detached from Majextand M.

Will the Majextand M work for the devices with a rear fingerprint sensor?

Majextand M may not fit on the devices with rear fingerprint sensor if the stickable area is shorter than 4’’ and narrower than 2.4’’.

Why does the stand raise and lower so smoothly, but still locks at a certain height?

With Our special designed adjustable segments, we are able to make the Majextand M operate smoothly when expanding, and rock steady when needed at a certain height. Check link below for product details.
LINK: shorturl.at/hFRY1

Is Majextand M easy to separate from its adhesive docking sheet?

Don’t worry, because of its magnetic tenon design, it can be joined accurately and strongly.

Will Majextand M affect my mobile device’s signal reception?

It depends on the position of the antenna. We have strictly tested the iPhone's reception ,which was not affected by Majextand M.

Will Majextand M affect mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay?

It depends on the device’s position to the NFC. Some devices may be affected.

Do I have to remove Majextand M before using the wireless charger?

Yes, you need to separate Majextand M from its adhesive docking sheet before using the wireless charger. We’ve successfully tested with Belkin-F7U082, Mophie-DUAL-WRLS-BASE-A, SAMSUNG-EP-P100ICWT. ( NOTICE: It may reduce the charging efficiency if the protecting case is too thick or incorrect position.)

Adhesive Docking Sheet

Q: How should I install Majextand M onto my mobile devices?

A: Wipe the devices’ surface by using an alcohol pad and then follow the instructions to install Majextand M onto your mobile devices.

Q: Can I purchase the adhesive docking sheet separately? Why do I need to buy it additionally?

A: Yes, you can purchase our adhesive docking sheet separately. Each package contains 2 adhesive docking sheets, which allows you to switch Majextand M to another device.

Q: Can the Majextand M adhesive docking sheet be used repeatedly?

A: Yes, its adhesive docking sheet can be reapplied about 10~20 times after the case’s surface was wiped clean. The stickiness may start to be weaker after reapplying. However, you can wash the docking sheet to improve its stickiness.

Q: Would the device’s or its case’s surface get damaged or leave residue if I remove Majextand M’s adhesive docking sheet?

A: Don't worry, it’s a non-residue adhesive docking sheet which doesn’t leave any residues on a device or its case’s surface.