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Majextand M|Phone/Tablet Stand Covering Every Possible Angle

Covering every possible angle

From 0° to 90°, Majextand M’s massive tilt range and height adjusting segments provide appropriate optimal angles and heights for different situations. With this innovative design, you will never need to hunch over your screen due to limited angle options from typical device stands.


Present Your Most Flatter Angle

No matter who you are, a digital nomad that participates in many online meetings, an influencer needing to interact with followers, or simply someone who wants to video chat with friends, Majextand M will allow you to look good at all times.

Free Yourself From Harms & Injuries

Swiping and staring at digital devices can be exhausting, not to mention the serious neck/eye injuries wrong postures may lead to. With its easy-to-adjust design, Majextand M saves you from your sedentary lifestyle and protects your neck from potential harms. Adjust the height and angle for a healthier posture!


One Stand For Everything

From now on, you’ll just need one Majextand M for everything. Compatible with numerous devices such as Kindles, Switches, iPhones, iPads, Galaxys... etc.

Scenario _ 02.png

Easy To Switch Between Devices




Seamless Multi-tasking


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無論您是誰,參加許多在線會議的數字遊民,需要與追隨者互動的影響者,或者只是想與朋友視頻聊天的人,Majextand M 都可以讓您隨時看起來都很好。


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